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My name is Dr. Daniel Davidson.

I am the founder and CEO. Welcome to Techart Digital Company, which is a collaborative group of business and digital technology engineering, optimization, marketing, and expansion companies committed to maximizing your business profits. Although I have over 35 years of business experience and extensive business education, I am only one of the highly experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields and can help you resolve your business problems, maximize your profits,

and grow your businesses. Our various services are designed to enhance your company’s operations, performance, and profitability.

TechArt Digital Services

Digital Marketing

We are here to drive highly targeted traffic to your business by using numerous digital marketing strategies simultaneously, all focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business on social media as well as on the internet.

Web Development

We provide a full range of custom website development services, starting with business analysis, User interface (UI) functionality, User Experience (UX) design, front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

E-Commerce Solutions

Being an expert e-commerce development company, we have extensive experience in building complex and reliable solutions that are highly scalable B2C and B2B e-commerce portals for maximum profitability.

Graphics Design

As a reputable custom Graphic Design and Branding Agency, TechArt Digital will create beautiful and engaging designs that help you stand out from the crowd and effectively market your business.

Mobile Development

TechArt Digital, among other digital expertise, also specializes in digital mobile application development. We help create creative and user-friendly websites with an attractive front end based on your vision and preferences. We are able to develop mobile applications for any platform you prefer, whether iOS or Android.

Game Development

TechArt Digital is also an expert in developing fun and interactive digital games. We are able to create custom-made digital games based on your specific vision and instructions. We specialize in building exciting games for iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web, with powerful technologies, stimulating game progressions, and rewarding conclusions.

No Matter How Good Of A Business Executive

You are You Still Need Us, And Here Is Why:

Being a business founder, an excellent business manager, a fantastic and successful business owner, and an amazing executive is obviously extremely respectable. However, most times, we are very close to our own organization, and we develop a natural bias, which causes a partiality that prevents us from making impartial decisions; hence, most often, these biases affect our judgments.

What If It's True?

American Elite – TechArt DIGITAL has a 3:1 ROI Guarantee:

We guarantee a 3:1 ROI. For every $1 you pay us, you will make $3 or more, or else we will keep working for free until you do!
How about it? Do you have a better guaranteed investment opportunity out there?

How We
Can Help You?

American Elite consultants work with you to maximize your profits by identifying the areas of your business that can be optimized and developing strategies to streamline the operations of the business. This step often includes a comprehensive analysis of the business processes, the identification of bottlenecks, the incorporation of advanced digital technologies, and the development of new processes that are more efficient and effective. This results in improving your business’s overall performance. After process improvement and digital technology implementation, fine-tuning by troubleshooting every department is the next step. From brand identity and market positioning to cost allocation, P&L management, tax planning, and expansion and growth strategies, our consultants will optimize your business to be the best that it can ever be.

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"Dr. Davidson and American Elite have been helping our company grow, year after year. We started as a small doctor's office, but now we are a multi-specialty practice in Los Angeles. TechArt Digital has built us our functional website and we are increasing our influx of leads on a monthly basis as they continue our digital marketing. We cannot express how happy and satisfied we are with American Elite and TechArt Digital's work and will continue to be their clients for life."

Dr. M. Zandi, MD


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